Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne W. Dyer

This has been another book in my library for years and I never got to read it. But as they say, everything happens at its right time. I finally got to read this book over the weekend. It had so much information packed in just about 300 pages.

The title 'Your Erroneous Zones' may be aptly put but accepting that we may have some erroneous zones may not be that straight forward. Most of us feel we are perfect in our own way and would it not be tough to consider that there are errors somewhere in us !? But, the author, Wayne W. Dyer describes it all in such a simple language and no judging, blame free tone that there is no resistance from the reader to hear and learn from the content in the book.

The book is split into different chapters covering topics such as Procrastination, Anger, Guilt, and Independence. Each chapter can be read by itself without having to read through the entire book, in case you are short of time. The author, Wayne Dyer, describes generic situations, conversations or thought processes with which the reader can easily relate to, and goes on to suggest simple techniques to get oneself out of the erroneous zones. For example, he had 19 reasons for why one would procrastinate. For those parents out there who always prioritize children over themselves, he had a point too. "Living your entire life for your children and always putting off your own happiness. How can we afford a vacation when we have the kids’ education to worry about?", is a procrastination cause too.

A must read book for our own improved self.