Connecting the Compartments

How many compartments does your life have ? Or is it just one big huge train with no compartments to move between.

Let me explain. All of us have parents, siblings, colleagues at work, friends from school, contacts from a networking event and such. Is the life with each of them set into a compartment and you move between different compartments in a course of a day, week, months or may be years ? How much information from each of these compartments do you share with contacts from the other compartments ? Should you hold ?

Or is it just all one free flowing open area where people from all these groups like each other and interact seamlessly ? That is ideal. But, what's the possibility ?

And, until all reach there, should we hold on to our expectations that individuals from each of these compartments where, 'You', is the only common point, should fall for each other.

As always, thoughts please.