Eclipse - good or a time to be cautious ?

All of us would have seen movies where the dark powers plan to do something drastic on an upcoming full moon eclipse day. And, we were all told to stay indoors saying that the moon rays impact is not good during an eclipse, followed by cleaning up the entire households, and a whole list of dos and donts before, during and after an eclipse.

But, for this eclipse on Jan 31st 2018, the awareness and exposure has been completely different. Lot of information has been shared about how to make this very eclipse time productive and efficient.

One such perspective from Inner Wellness Circle here:

During the Lunar Eclipse the moon’s energy coming to Earth is intercepted. Since moon is a very big object and it reflects Sun’s energy towards Earth, this causes huge energy loss,. The energy loss being substantial, this time is used by negative forces as opportunities to do their work. This is the inner meaning of Hindu mythological story of demon Rahu/Ketu consuming Moon (Moon’s energy coming to Earth) at the time of Eclipse.

Also what normally happens during the full lunar cycle (i.e. moon size changing from full moon to new moon) is in a way happening during the short interval of the lunar eclipse i.e. Full moon reduces gradually to no moon, and then no moon to full moon. So the energy changes that normally happens in 28 days in the emotional and higher bodies will happen in just the eclipse time.  The time is a concept of Earth dimension, it is not there in the higher dimensions (higher bodies).

For serious spiritual seeker it would also mean if you do meditation during the entire eclipse time, you get the energy benefits of meditating for 28 days, it is quite a profitable venture and worth spending time.

What have been your thoughts ?