Pranic Healing

I was introduced to Pranic Healing back in 2009 by a dear friend, Vasundhara. I went to a Basic Introductory class only on her push. Over the years, I took multiple courses through Inner Wellness Circle and had good experiences. But, for the uninitiated, it is an unknown world and pops up many questions. Plus millennials don't take anything for granted and don't like being told, 'I told you so'. But Pranic Healing is aimed for such only. All this can be measured and experienced. But, more on that later after we covered the basics.

To start with, I always suggest that it should be considered as alternate medicine, just like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Or Acupressure. Each of them deal with physical healing in a different way. And, some of them are complementary to each other.

Pranic Healing is one such healing procedure rooted on the concept of Energy. Energy is everywhere, and proven by science as well. Going a step further, it means that there is energy in air, water, sun light and earth. Now, let's say we put a mesh to the door and windows of our home. Over time, as you may have experienced, the mesh gets dirty and clogged. Now, does it block the entry of fresh air or sun light into our home ? And, we take time to clean the meshes how ever tough it is.

Without going into much details now, every living being and non-living things have a mesh enclosure around them. This is called Aura. Over time, if not maintained, the aura gets clogged and becomes dirty just like the window meshes we spoke earlier. And, similar to the impact of a dirty physical window mesh, clogged aura reduces the quality and quantity of the energy that enters our bodies.

Pranic Healing involves processes to clean the mesh/aura around us. And, with a clean aura, the quality and quantity of the energy that enters our body is more and thus we get better faster. And, That's it.