Loves me Or Loves me a Lot

Theme of every phase of life is different. For example, it could be all books for a while and with no conscious effort, one is surrounded by people who are into movies and again, with in no time, it could be career oriented gang and zoom.. it changes to a circle of do-good folks or entrepreneurs or some other topic and mood which takes over every thing else.

At this juncture in life, the theme is gratitude. Every one in my circle is talking about being thankful, noticing the seemingly little actions performed by people around us, being joyful and finding a purpose. The mood is joyful and exciting as people are open to observing every small act of kindness and love in and around them. The happiness circle is growing in quantity and quality as well.

In a recent discussion, one friend reminded us about a game most of us would have played during college, 'Loves me, Loves me Not'. She said,  "It isn't 'Loves me, Loves me Not' anymore. It is just 'Loves me, Loves me Lot'". Sheer Positivism, Joy, Happiness all around.

It is thanks to Shobha Nargundkar for taking time out to imbibe happiness and gratitude to every one in her circle. And, she should know that it is now viral. It is impacting people she does not know directly as well. You can reach out to her at

Happy New Year.