Book Review: This Way is Easier, Dad

HariMohan Paruvu has been the first author to grace the 'Meet the Author' events organized at EveningHour. Even though it is 9 years since that event now, I clearly remember the humbleness with which he chaired the event. He authored two books by then, 'The Men Within' and 'If You Love Someone'. While the book, 'The Men Within', was about school kids standing up together to save their school ground, his second book, 'If You Love Someone', has a completely different theme. And, it is not even a typical love story as well. Hari's next book, '50 Not Out' has been lessons for life explained in the context of Cricket. Again, the category and the presentation style has been completely different to his earlier books.

So, when Hari spoke about his new book, 'This Way is Easier, Dad', it can only be anyone's guess if this book will be a fiction or a non-fiction, if the writing style would be expository or narrative or something else, if it will be a children's book or an adult one. And, he did surprise yet again.

The book is about his interactions with his daughter, Anjali over the years. Children have different fresh perspectives to many of the daily incidents and activities while adults may have a different take on the same incident. Hari took time to document the various 'talks' with Anjali from the time she is a toddler and presented them to us as tidbit stories. Every story also had a 'Return Gift' for the reader which is his lesson from that experience. The writing style was simple and interesting for my 9 year old son to read the book in just one sitting.  My son liked that a four and half year old could be interviewed and particularly liked the answer to the question, "what is being happy?" - that which brings smile to a face.

I would recommend this book, 'This way is Easier, Dad' to both children and parents as well.