Writer's Block

Writing is therapeutic. Writing improves thought clarity. Writing improves English. Writing on a set pattern helps discipline, incites and encourages persistence. The act itself is simple. Not dependent on anyone else, provided of course that we have basic writing skills. Writing is not a costly affair. Just sit and write.

And, thus after crossing over laziness, I started to write. And, now I touched upon the famous writer's block. Before logging to the blog site or reaching out to the pen, mind comes up with a huge list of topics and it appears like I can write continuously for one year or more. And, the minute I start to write, all those topics seem not worth to write. Today, I changed my topic from Magic 6 List, Favorites, Pranic Healing, Gratitude, Book reviews, Thiruppavai, Soundary Lahari, Persistence, Experiences in Meditation, and the list went on.

And, then, I decided to write about this blocker itself. My first article after a hiatus is up. Yey!