Connection to self

Are you connected to your self ? Seems like an odd question. Isn't it ? But, let me ask you a question. List 10 items, whether they are material items or experiences, that brings happiness to you. I have been doing a fun exercise asking this question to my friends and family. Kids took just about one minute to respond but for most of the adults, it was an exercise to their mind. Some could not even get to 5 items while some included their favorite heroes and players in their list.

A little discussion with a dear friend, Shobha, revealed if it is that we take most of the items for granted. And, the talk brought up the latest buzz words, gratitude and awareness. Rhonda Byrne, through her books, The Secret, The Magic, and related videos brought the attitude of gratitude and thankfulness closer to all of us. Her website lists many of her reader's miracle experiences. The key is just changing our mindset to being thankful for what we already have.

Have you experienced this ? What has been your learning ? Do comment below.