Responsibility : Response Ability

The book, '7 Habits of Highly Effective people' splits the word, 'Responsibility' as 'Response-Ability'. It further describes the new split, 'Response-Ability' as the Ability to choose your response. And, Stephen Covey, the author, linked it up to the Proactive nature of the individual. Proactive people are responsible for their response to an event, a trigger or a goal. Time is not lost waiting for something to happen but the individual takes the first step to make his plans happen.

When my friend told me about being 'Response-Able', she told about writing goals such as
'I am 100% Response-Able for buying a BMW car for self'. And, follow it up with actions needed to achieve the goal. While deciding on the steps, believe that one can achieve anything and all hindrances will side step away.

A quick google search shows many organizations supporting and talking about being Response Able. There are even steps on how to achieve Response-Ability.

I saw friends achieve miracles when they adopted the proactive nature and chose their response for events. Have you practiced it yet ?