Conundrum of People

The biggest conundrum for me is connecting with people. There are some you feel an instant affinity and no matter what they do, the relation is wonderful. And there are the others, with whom, no matter what, it is very tough to find a liking.

But, what is the reason for it ? Growing up, my mother told me about matching frequencies. Recently, I read in a book that all the acquaintances, friends, relatives, and family belong to one soul family. And, all of the soul family would have spent several lifetimes together. And each time, a soul could be born in a different role to take care, teach and make us help grow. And, some souls that actually love you, could be born in the role of an enemy to teach us the aspects that we may not learn otherwise.

While it is curious to know the history why or why not we get drawn to few people, what I have learned is to just accept and take it from there. As one blogger mentioned, it is not practical to spend energies on aspects that are beyond us.