100 Ways to Simplify your Life

Avoid Excessive Reasoning.
Pray Before you have an emergency.

An acquaintance randomly pinged one evening, checked up on my reading list and suggested to read books by Joyce Meyer. It appeared like she pinged only to tell me about the author. Usually, I am wary of reading books with lists because more often than not, they talk about real simple pointers that I may already know theoretically.

When I flipped the book through, the first way I found is "Avoid Excessive Reasoning". Just few minutes before I started to read the book, I had a hour discussion with a friend about faith, and how it is only a waste of time trying to analyze why a particular person faced a issue. What one needs to do is just accept that the incident happened and get on to resolving it.

And, during this course of conversation, it stuck me that after someone is in a tough situation, it is very difficult for them to accept and start some new practices. Rather, it should be a habit and part of every day schedule to fit in meditation/prayer/mindful contemplation into the daily rhythm just how we schedule breakfasts and lunches.

Joyce Meyer listed 100 interesting ways to really simplify our life. While the book is categorized under Inspiration/Christian Living, she has used every day examples to explain her suggestions.