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Store Coupons have been around in many countries for several years now. Initially, the coupons were restricted to paper coupons circulated either through newspaper or delivered via the postal service. It is a common knowledge that in US, many people would sit with the Sunday newspaper cutting and collecting coupons ranging from groceries to electronics and rushing to the stores. It helps the consumers know where they can get the best price for their purchases and helped the business with their marketing strategies.

With the advent of online businesses, websites that provide online coupons started gearing momentum. It saves the people from peering through newspapers, cutting, saving and remembering to take them to the store. US has been a fore-runner with the online coupons for several years now.

Over the last few years, Indian businesses geared themselves and their consumers towards the coupon world. In the last year itself, varieties of businesses directed at helping consumers buy their favorite products at the best price in the market have come up. The coupons vary from discounts on individual products to discounts on bulk purchases. There are businesses who would get unknown and unrelated consumers to group themselves to get at a deep discounted price.

The new one on the market is In addition to comparing the common products like groceries and clothes, they are comparing 27 categories including banking products, automobile parts, Amazon latest coupon codes and they even offer free delivery of the coupons.

With multiple players in this horizon, it is good times for the consumers to get their favorite products at the best prices.