A Leap in a Blue Moon - by Ishwar Vedam

It is just a great feeling to see so many new Indian authors coming up with great ideas and stories - the recent ones including Immortals of Meluha series, Chanakya's Chant, and other good books like Fate, Fraud and a Friday Evening. Different stories, variety of characters and unsuspected endings.

When Krishnaveni posted about 'A Leap in a Blue Moon' in EveningHour's facebook page, we bought the book immediately and got to reading. And, it is really an idea that would happen "Once in a Blue Moon" :)

The author, Ishwar Vedam, took inspiration from Idioms. The key to this story is what happens if a person (a little girl in this case) is trapped in an idiomatic world, where the literal meanings of idioms become real.

So, in this story, when a person is angry, he hits the roof - i.e. the person actually goes up and hits the roof, literally. And, when a person is lazy, he becomes a couch potato. Well, if I say more, I will be taking away the fun parts.

Wonderful read for teenagers with good world lessons in built. Adults would be able to enjoy the fable-like ride.


  1. Thanks EveningHour for the nice review!
    Thanks to Krishnaveni for posting about the book on the fb page.

    -- Ishwar

  2. Hi, Thanks for the information on the book. It will really help the youngsters to keep calm during the hours of stress in their life and understand the importance of patience.


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