Soul Stories by Gary Zukav

A good friend recommended books by Gary Zukav after I talked about Aleph by Paulo Coelho. Since the book 'Soul Stories' by Gary Zukav was available in our library, picked it up. And, what a wonderful read it was!

While any one can read this book, this book is mainly for those who oscillate between believing and doubting the age-old concepts of karma, destiny, reincarnation. If you wanted someone to give an explanation about these concepts in the simplest terms, using the examples in our daily lives - this is the book!

The book talks about relation between the soul and the body. Gary compares the soul as a big mother ship and the various lives/incarnations as the small boats that go individually for some time. When the boat goes in the same direction as the mother ship, all is well - since the mother ship and the boat are both traveling for the same goal. But, when the boat goes in different directions, the results would vary.

While we believe that God should treat all human beings equally, we all know of situations where it seems like someone is all lucky but its not exactly the same for someone else. Gary gives a logical explanation on why that is.

Buy or pick it up at your local library and do read it to get answers to many questions on these concepts.