One Minute Millionaire Book Review

When u flip a coin and chose (heads I win) and realize that both sides of the coin has heads - wow - that's the feeling I had while reading the book in 2003. Every time I pick up the book the same feeling continues - with more intensity. It caters to both left brain and right brain functioning modes.

This left right thing started with the title itself - my left brain said - "hey c'mon it's logically not possible to make a million in a minute unless it's a lottery of some kind", while my right brain was more liberal and started convincing me, "maybe there are certain possibilities in the western world (USA to be precise) which we can adapt here".

As the back cover stated it's about Michelle - who needs a million dollars to get back the custody of her children- which she does with the help of her mentor Samantha -(who guides her through the various methods legally available to make money in USA) along with the dream team.

It is a handbook of the century on money making - the various concepts like 
Butterfly effect
Choose your millionaire mountain
The HOTS theory
Millionaire Ahas
Enlightened millionaire
seem to be very handy in handling personal finances, people management, self development or to quench our thirst for money making.

Interesting tidbits of info about celebrities like Sylvester Stallone (The Real Rocky story spice up the concepts to be put to practical use)

The left side pages are analytical, informative, while the right side pages carry the story.
The continuity seems to be lost coz u have to keep looking only to one side to keep track of the version.
The left right concept didn't agree with my visual palette (if there's such a word).

It was a bit distracting - I would have preferred the whole book to be in two different versions.
It always felt like I was tasting south Indian meals with north Indian meals simultaneously not to mention the size of the book (definitely not our average 'zero size' kind).

Michelle's story reminded me of Indian blockbuster cinema with a female lead ( though a little less senti and more practical).
The only hitch is that the avenues of money making - the real estate, toy making and selling coaching classes on the net - these businesses function differently in India. While the story is a sure fire success in inspiring us to go trekking on the millionaire mountain
the footwear we wear here might be sandals and not the sports gear of USA. There needs to be lot of Indianisation to be done in our head to the script for us to get that million dollars (or 50 lakh rupees - whatever the current conversion rate is)

The author's have so generously shared almost every bit of info to make the reader successful (maybe influenced by Buckminster Fuller - the legendary enlightened millionaire).
This book is a must read for anyone who needs money, who loves money and who spends money.
And by the way this book is a must gift to anyone who belongs to the above classification too.
Well dollar dreams or Indian needs - this is the book.