Connect the dots - book review

Mera number kab ayega - this would aptly summarize the phase in which I randomly bought 'Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish' and impulsively (rather by default being habituated to pick up all the titles by an author whenever possible ) bought 'Connect the Dots' too.

Actually the cover page caught my attention first - I couldn't figure out which side to read the book from till I actually opened the pages.

What made me read the book was the fact that ( i mean choosing to read this first rather than the other title) I always considered myself to be a hum honge kaamiyab ek din MBA grad from the likes of Harvard, IIM, ISB so on. (Thank God u don't have to take CAT and other animal tests with the terrifying math paper to dream of these courses).

I should say it rang a bell and a whole Indian senti-film song started playing in my head, heart, and soul the moment I started reading the Author's note.

As can be expected, I started reading with the people I heard of  through business magazines or TV programs.

Ranjiv Ramchandani (Tantra T-shirts) - this article is as humourous and creative and whacky as his t-shirts. It actually brought back cherished memories of my tantra t-shirt.
Kalyan Varma - wildlife photographer. I've been much inspired by  Rashmi's intro than the actual story.
Well, it struck a chord.

" When my brother was little, he wanted to be a BEST bus conductor; when I was little, I dreamt of becoming an astronaut.

When Kalyan Varma was little, he said to himself, "I wish I could live in the jungle watching animals all day!"

Today, my brother is a brand manager with a multinational corporation.

I am a writer who looks up at the stars and thinks, maybe - some day.

But guess what, Kalyan Varma actually spends his days watching animals in the jungle. And, taking their pictures.

Kalyan Varma represents the big dreams of the little people."

This is precisely where I was hurled into my teen flashback where I decided I would be a poster designer.

I could go on and on but the final decision is if Big B or King Khan wil ask 'Lock kiya jaaye' haa! haa! haa!

To all the wannabe entreprenuers - this could be a life saver at the most and a inspiring read at the least and and an idea generator and host of other things in the middle

Though it was a bit tough following the hindi phrases - Rashmi did a fantastic job of bringing the essence of the people - their success and their messages in exactly the same order - the intro - the interview and advice to young entrepreneurs.
Rashmi showcased the other side of India - who stepped out of 'the conventional study and climb the success ladder' - and became 'the winners of the snakes and ladder show of real life'. ( well if you consider the 20 entreprenuers she introduced )

Finally - to all those MBA grads out there "mere paas connect the dots hei - aapke paas kya hei". Just kidding - I know - I know - you have 'stay hungry stay foolish :)