Chicken Soup for the Indian Spiritual Soul - Book Review

My foray into the world of chicken soup was with a bit of hesitation. Being a 75% veggie (other than the much favored occasional tandoori chicken snacks), I wasn't very comfy with the title 'chicken soup'. This was way back when only American version was available. I picked up one. I don't remember which one but the stories caught my attention. They reminded me of the Chandamama and Balamitra and various other telugu story books I grew up with.

Coming back to the present, I bought this with lots of other titles. It was the last on my reading list - there were other interesting titles and not to mention that I was continuously in and out of one spiritual course or the other - what do i need to read a book for!
Well - this book did take me by surprise - my very understanding of spirituality has changed. I already knew conceptually that spirituality is a part of life - not a standalone segment still there was a lot that I learnt from this book.

The best thing about this book is the desi flavour it brought, even to spirituality and of course the curiosity of what the celebs think about spirituality

A few of my favorites

* The miracle of the flying leap - Suma Verghese - editor of life positive magazine. The simplicity and honesty with which she put forth her whole life in a few pages is amazing.

* Hug your enemies - Moid Siddiqui. It is the story of K.S. Raju, a successful businessman, where he shares a wonderful way of  forgiving.

* A single candle - Tanushree Podder. It shows how a simple selfless act of kindness can bring a tremendous shift in our thinking.

* To or through the messiah - Mini Krishnan. This is a story of how spiritual fragrance can touch our lives even through a school prayer and shape our personality.

Recently, I was going through one of those severe test of faith phases and I was drawn to this book. I casually flipped a few pages and amazingly got the answers i was searching for - the strength to hang on - to steer my life in a new direction.

Is this a miracle book? I don't know. But is it a must read?  Yes, yes, yes!

Just as much masala is to the Indian curry  - spiritualiy is to the indian soul - come in whatever form it may.

This book is a subtle help in understanding our lives and intergrating our roots in this fast paced world.


  1. My question to some of the contributors to this book like Shashi Tharoor & other politicians is how do corrupt people claim to be spiritual.
    Being religious & corrupt is understandable but spirituality is practiced & not preached.


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