Legacy by Danielle Steel

One of my favourite writers,definitely a page turner!!
This is the story of a 38 yr old lady named Brigitte whose life changes when she is dumped by her boyfriend after 6 yrs of relationship and is laid off by her employer.She is a gal who would never want to take risks, either personally or professionally. She helps her mom on a family geneology project and falls in love with the character of her ancestor who is a Dakota Sioux named Wachiwi and travels to salt Lake and then to Paris and Brittany in search of her family history.
She happens to meet a writer named Marc at the National Library at Paris who helps a lot in her research of family history and changes her life from then.
Wachiwi is the great-great-great-grandmother of Brigitte, who travels from the Dakota Sioux - New orleans - Paris to marry her man who is the brother of French Marquis but marries the Marquis himself.
I personally fell in love with Wachiwi and Marquis, the perfect couple!!

SudhaRani Pisupati