Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

In the recent times, I started posting mini book reviews directly on the facebook page. If it is a simple straightforward review, figured it will be easier to read from the page than go to a blog. But, this book, Chanakya's Chant deserves a bigger space.

I do not usually pick a political book nor a historical book by choice. But, Chanakya's Chant just changed it all for me. During the entire book, there was no lull, there was no page where you could miss even a single paragraph.

There are two stories that are run parallel to each other. One is the story of Chanakya and how he got Chandra Gupta to be united Bharat's emperor. The other story is of a Brahmin from Uttarpradesh, Gangasagar Mishra. His goal is to make a little girl from Kanpur to be the Prime Minister of India. The character of Gangasagar is analogous to the famous Chanakya.

The team even went on to create a Chant and called it Chanakya's Chant. It is even uploaded here. In the story, the chant is described to be very powerful and supposedly written in Chanakya's time.

While the book is almost 400 pages, it is so worth a read. You will remember the history around Chanakya, Alexander and will appreciate the will and purpose of Chanakya. It is a fiction book based on many many facts. Lots of research has gone into the book. The author, Ashwin Sanghi, even listed all the various books and links he referred to during his research.

Worth the read!


  1. An enjoyable read Chanakya's Chant by Ashwin Sanghi. loved the way it balances two completely different storylines. I particularly liked the one written 2300 years ago.

  2. yeah .. the old one is really so amazing


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