Right fit wrong shoe - Book REview

In one sentence, Mills and Boon meets Bollywood.

A breezy light-hearted love story set in small town India, Kanpur to be specific, features (rather, stars), pretty young girl-next door, Nandini and tall, loaded and handsome, son of neighbor, Aditya, in typical Bollywood setting. It is a desi version of the good old Mills And Boon stories that I used to read in my youth. It was refreshing to see the standard love story ingredients set in contemporary India with a jilted young man returning to wreak revenge for the wrongs done by ex-flame.

I read this book on my train journey to Bangalore last week, as I headed to attend my cousins wedding. I finished the book by the time the train stopped at Bangalore city station. Varsha Dixit has churned a "cute" book with the regular cast of characters common to any movie script; loving parents, perfect relationship with extended family, absolutely devoted friend, doting neighboring aunties, including one referred to as "Badi Maa" etc etc. For a change, Nandini appears to be a feminist who is not afraid to voice her opinions. The dialogs with Aditya are quite corny while the liberal Bollywood masala sprinkling which predominates the interactions with her friend are quite funny if you understand the context.

Nandini is a lovable, if superficial character and the cliched intimate moments with Aditya are hilarious. The book is a reader's version of the Bollywood movies that it seeks to imitate. Worth one read, no stress on your grey cells.