Sunday, February 27, 2011

మహాకవి దాసు శ్రీరాములు

Author : మహాకవి దాసు శ్రీరాములు

Book: కృతులు పదములు - జావళీలు

Period : 1846 – 1908

Other books by the author: తెలుగునాడు, అభినవ గద్య ప్రబంధము, శ్రీ దేవీభాగవతము, సూర్యశతకము, కురంగ గౌరీ శంకర నాటిక, చక్కట్లదండ, భృంగరాజమహిమ, వేదాచలమహాత్యం, కృష్ణార్జున సమరం, అభినయదర్పణం (అభినయదర్పణం), దురాచార పిశాచ భంజని, ఆచార నిరుక్తి, విగ్రహారాధన తారావళి, పదములు - జావళీలు , and many more.

He has written many plays also. Famous plays are Saakuntalam and Maalati Maadhavam. His operas are Saatrajit vilaasam, Samvaarnopaakhyaanam.

About the author: He has practiced as an advocate in the sub-court of Eluru and earned much fame and money. One of his ancestors, Raghunath Rao, has shifted his place from Dhaarwad to Golconda in 1560. His son Gangoji (Haridasu) being a Haribhakta got his family name as Daasu. His second son Raghunaayakulu has joined service under Portuguese and was posted to Machilipatnam in 1640 and settled there.

This review is mainly about the author who is very renowned of his time. He is a great poet, playwright, composer, and choreographer. He is also a social reformer. He is a contemporary of Kandukuri Veeresalingam garu. In his time the dance and music are not permitted to be learnt by ladies of high caste. He thought 'when the Gods for music and dance are Saraswati Devi and Parvati Devi themselves ladies, why is it not to be learnt by ladies?' He has opened a music and dance school for ladies in Eluru. None from high caste have turned up. Without getting discouraged, he started to teach to his daughter Saradaamba. Later two devadaasis have joined and he had no objection to teach them. Slowly many girls have joined and learnt.

Most of his musical compositions are Kritis, jaavalis and padams dedicated to Lord Venugopalaswamy of Totlavallur.. His padams and jaavalis have the same simplicity that marks Kshetrayya’s compositions. They are favourite items with Kuchipudi dancers of even today. His Abhinaya Darpanam has been compared to Bharata Naatya saastra.His musical compositions are an inevitable part of today’s musicians’ and dancers’ repertoires.

It is by sheer luck that we ran into this book. The book contains many kruthulu. Must have for every musician.

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