I have read The Secret, Power of Subconscious Mind, Family Wisdom, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari, You can Heal Your Life, and even the famous book The Alchemist over the last few months. There is one important point that got reiterated in all these books!

Thoughts are what have formed our past! 
Thoughts are what have formed our present! 
Thoughts are what will form our future!

The lessons are learned from these books include

1. Always have a vision, a goal! Have a far-stretched one. Believe that it will happen! Now, that is not enough! Write it down and keep it visible! You must see it, believe it, feel it, and then it will happen! It should be part of your system - conscious and subconscious as well. No matter how far-stretched your goal might have seemed to you, it will happen! You just have to believe and feel it with absolutely no doubts!

 Simply said, as in the Secret Book,
  Ask, Believe, n Receive

2. All of us have issues that we face at home or work with family, friends, colleagues, bosses and even maids! But, somehow, limit the amount of time that you think about these issues. The more you think about these issues, the more you discuss about them, the more they happen - over and over.

There are three solutions to any problem - how ever theoretical it may sound -

a) Accept,
b) Reject and move away from the situation/person or
c) Ignore and move on!

Even though it is hard for us to choose one of the three in few scenarios, practically, one of the three have to be picked! Pick and focus again on your goal.

3. Have Gratitude! Be thankful for all the good things that happen to you! Consciously look out for them. Even if it is just a phone call from a friend or someone commenting that you have a good outfit. The more thankful you are, the more good things will happen to you! Try it out for few days and see the difference! There are many books and many people that talk to you about the power of thanks and gratitude!

To put it in one word, our thoughts make us! Be wise in choosing the thoughts that you have!

Read any or all of the books mentioned above. Wonderful books!


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