Love, my friend, is not Easy!

A friend of mine introduced me to the book 'Love, my friend, is not Easy!' and the author Ms.Geeta Ravi. Though I have not personally met Ms.Geeta so far, I spoke to her few times and saw her facebook profile - enough to know that she is a yet another young girl who is into Information Technology but has the energy and motivation to write a story, get it edited and went through the ordeal of publishing it out. 

Whenever we request any author to honor EveningHour's meet-the-author, I like to read their book and know its story, style and ins and outs before the author meet. Thus I started reading the 'Love, my friend, is not Easy!'. Definitely a long title for a relatively small book was my first thought. The cover page resembled one of those modern art. Looked impressive for my normal eye.

The story seemed simple and straightforward. The summary says the story is set in the backdrop of the IT industry and that it is the story of three metro Indians whose lives take a dramatic turn when they discover love. I assumed it will be yet another love story. Turns out I did not really understand the depth of the word 'dramatic' used in the summary sentence. It did have quite many surprises.

The author, Ms.Geeta, did use a different style of writing. Each of the chapters are named by the character's name and a summary of what's going in their mind at that moment. The character's thoughts are written as well as their actions. Quite an interesting style and story.

Now, I am excitedly waiting to meet the author at our upcoming Author Meet at EveningHour on Jan 29th, 5:30 PM.