Family Wisdom by Robin Sharma

While Robin Sharma books are always sold and rented as hot cakes, we did not get a chance to read beyond 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' for a long time. Couple of days ago, when I was waiting somewhere, I opened Family Wisdom, mainly because it is the only book that is readily available at that time.

As with 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari', it started off with a compelling story that would not let you put the book away. Catherine is a busy lady who rushes off to work in the early hours say 5 AM and would not return home until very late by which time everyone is fast asleep. Despite thoughts and little guilt that she is missing her young children and her husband, she does not actively do much about it. Until, one day, she gets stuck in a horrible airplane crash. While her partners got killed in the crash, she survives. Now, Julian, her brother, the monk comes back into her life after several years and teaches her 'Family Wisdom'.

The first principle is that Leadership starts at home. The parents and the adults at home should provide the example. Be the person that you want your child to be! Parents are leader and they had to stop doing what was easy in your lives and start doing what is right!

The second principle is about trust building and opening the lines of humanity. The second mastery of Family Wisdom says Shift from scolding the Child to molding the Leader through deepening your relationships at home.

There are 3 more Masteries of Family Wisdom that Robin Sharma mentions in the book. All very applicable to the current world and most of us would probably see ourselves in that situation.

Inspirational book. Read, understand and follow them through.


  1. We all remain engaged in our life, so much engaged that we don't get time to think of reason for this great engagement. The author has very nicely demonstrated that we work for our family, for our own. And so family is more important.
    We must have our own priority to do, other than what peoples keep on imposing!
    I guess that it is not just the book for reading. But it is the book to live with.

  2. Hello. I completely agree, the book is wonderful. This is not only an interesting story that is easy to read. She reminds me of research papers for sale - a lot of effort is invested in researching human problems.
    This book catches the extra-morning strings of the soul causing it to rub all the problems in a different way.
    I also advise you to read - a cool thing. For those, of course, who are interested in developing not only their body, but also the inner world ...


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