The complete Kritis of Sri Thyagaraja

Compiler : Maddali Venkata subbayya, M.A. (Litt)
Cost : US $ 25 ; Rs 625-00

The book really gives The complete kritis of Sri Thyagaraja in Telugu script, with English transliteration and English translation. It gives the meaning of the Kriti in English.

The inspiration to add one more book of Sri Thyagaraja's compositions arose in the mind of the compiler, when he attended Thyagaraja Aradhana festival. The inspired singing of the great vidwans and the enthusiastic response of the truly international audience sparked the idea in his mind. He believed that the saint-composers's goal and the heart-felt enjoyment and enlightement of the audience would be even better served if the text was available in English script and the original Telugu, with the full meaning in English.

The book has presented in the composer's original medium all the songs of Thyagaraja available to date, from the labors of previous compilers. The book serves the multiple objectives, such as to provide the lovers of Karnatic music, and particularly Thyagaraja's-who do not know Telugu, a version in English script notation.

The saint-composer conceived of "Svara, raga Sudharasayuta BHAKTI " as heavenly. Indeed, in the next line of the song he proclaimed that those who stop with enjoying the great music alone are like herons and frogs sitting on a red lotus, missing on the honey within.The heart melted by music is meant to receive the Bhava. The book serves to the vast circle of ardent lovers of Thyagaraja's music in India and abroad needed to be furnished with accurate and complete meaning of every line of his compositions. Not a single line has been left unclear in this book.

The book also gives a short history of Sri Thyagaraja. His great grand father Kakarla Pancanada Brahmam, a Vaidiki Brahmin, migrated from the Cumbum taluk of Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh and settled in Tiruvarur in Tanjore district of Tamilnadu. His fifth son is Girija Brahmam, whose son is Ramabrahmam. Sri Thyagaraja is the 3rd son of Ramabrahmam. He was born in1767 and lived for 80 years. He was highly learned in mantra and jyotisha sastras. He had sishyas (disciples) in those fields also.