Women Who Dared

Edited by : Ritu Menon
Price : Rs. 75-00

Women who dared is a modest but sincere attempt to record the contribution that a few representative women have engineered in the socio-cultural landscape of the country over the last fifty years. The readers will get glimpse of the nation's own biography as it is reflected in the lives of women through their brief cameo autobiographies. The anthology features women who, in their diverse way, have not only left a mark of their own, but in some significant ways represent the struggles and aspirations of the entire womenfolk.

There are many many women who became very famous in their chosen fields. But this book gives just 21 women for the present. May be there are many omissions but the list itself is also good. Few of the 21 women is as below.

(1) Karanam Malleswari: She has the pride of place as an international weight-lifting champion. Weight-lifting for women has become synonymous with her name. She has won 25 golds over the years nationally and internationally. She has awarded many awards including the Padmashri award.

(2) Preety Sen Gupta: She exemplifies the invincible traveler! She has been traveling across the world, always alone, for over three decades and visited more than a hundred countries on all six continents of the world-and the seventh Antarctica , as well. She became the first Indian and first vegetarian to reach the Magnetic North Pole in the high Arctics. She travels without any prior reservations or bookings. It is very fantastic to read her adventures.

(3) Padma Ramachandran: She was the first woman IAS officer in the early 1950s and retired as Chief Secretary of Kerala Government. She is the President of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Trivandrum.

(4) Sonal Mansingh: She is an unparalleled representative of the ancient but ever new art dance traditions of India. Her role as a social activist, thinker, researcher, orator, choreographer and teacher combines with her dancing, further enriching the tradition. She is a leading exponent of Odissi, the ancient traditional dance style of Orissa. She has won many many awards.

Very interesting and inspirational book.