The Confession by John Grisham

Page-Turner is an adjective that is often used to describe John Grisham novels. The latest book by John Grisham, The Confession, published by Arrow books turned out to be another of those page-turners right from the first few pages. The story starts with just another visitor, though he seems peculiar with no coat and shoes, to the Church wanting to talk to the minister. No sooner is it revealed that this visitor is one who had been in the prison many times and many years for rapes, assaults, and now on parole but also has an inoperable brain tumor.

The visitor to the Church, Travis Boyette abducted, raped and killed Nicole, a high-school cheerleader. Not knowing the true murderer, the city police arrested Donte Drumm, a local football star and sent him to the death row. After nine years, when Donte Drumm is just days away from execution, Travis Boyette feels the guilt and decides to confess and set Donte Drumm free. As a first step, he approached Keith, the Minister of the Church. At Donte Drumm's end, there is a lawyer Robbie Flak who believed Donte and had been fighting for all the nine years, in every way possible. Though it felts like a straightforward mystery, what follows is a journey of twists, and an ending that is least expected.

John Grisham took a lot of effort in establishing the case, the characters, their attitudes, preferences, and even the smaller details including the body movements. While the beginning seems to move at a slow pace because of the character establishment, and describing the case background, soon after, the story picks up speed and the plot unravels.

Surely another good mystery by John Grisham!