What does it take ?

We all know and accept that books are good, meeting people, exchanging views, networking are essential for the all-round growth and to move ahead be it at work or otherwise. But, why is it that in the grind of our daily chores, we fail to realize the importance of it and or may be say and believe to ourselves - next time ?

What does it take to motivate ourselves to not just be bogged down by our short-term goals of examinations or work pressures but look at the big picture of life and take time out to do something that is necessary for the bigger goal. May be really understanding what it means by 'Begin with the end in mind!' and 'Sharpen the Saw' as said by Stephen Covey would help us understand the importance of doing all. Or is it one more read of 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho ?

Or let us change the question and analyze from the other end. What activities other than school/work, movies and computer games will stir an interest ?


  1. Nowadays people have so much pressure and work that they don't have time for these .. but it's trye that taking out time for some activities helps a lot ..


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