The Secret - The Power

'What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists."
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)

Like most of us, I know of 'The Secret' book for at least one year. Though I have perused the book, I did not get a chance to read through it. Unfortunately, whenever I picked up the book, I dozed off.

Of late, Vasu, a dear friend and a member of EveningHour, presented the 'Secret' DVD and enforced that I watch it. Owing to the 'nagging', I did watch it. And! I am glued to 'The Secret' now.

The Secret and  The Power re-iterated what I learned growing up.
You be positive, nice and helpful to others - and when you need, you get the help even from unexpected quarters.

Few points from 'The Power'

Love is the one force that will bring anything and everything that you wish for. The only catch is that you do not cancel it out immediately. Imagine this scenario. Most of us would relate to it.

One minute you are happy and you give love to your child/friend/spouse. In no time, you are angry and upset because you are not able to find your keys. A little while later, you are cool and give love because your friend praised your beautiful dress. Again, in a short while, you are complaining on the boss who would not sanction a leave.

and it goes on...

Here, we are canceling out the good effects that come out of 'love' with equal or may be worse bad effects because you are in a bad feeling.

The books, 'The Secret' and 'The Power' give many many practical tips on keeping the mood happy, achieving everything, I repeat, EVERYTHING that you ever want!

Definitely worth reading at least once. You will not leave it until you achieved everything that you want to or at least on the path to it.Secret