Recently, a handful of visitors to EveningHour have asked me to recommend books on Psychology. While helping them with the books on Psychology, I picked up "MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS" by Dr. Brian Weiss.

Dr.Weiss is a prominent psychiatrist and many of his books have been categorized under psychology. Though after reading through book, we realized that this has to be further sub-categorized under 'Para-Psychology'.

The book starts as follows:

"I know there is a reason for everything. Perhaps at the moment that an event occurs we have neither the insight nor the foresight to comprehend the reason, but with time and patience, it will come to light.

So it was with Catherine."

With that starting, the author takes us through Catherine's therapy sessions. Catherine is a young patient who had been having troubled dreams, bad relationships and more than one person has recommended her to go to Dr.Weiss. For several months, Dr.Weiss tried the traditional methods of therapy and none of them helped. Dr.Weiss turned to hypnosis and thus started his journey on the path of para-psychology.

During the hypnosis sessions, Catherine initially talked about her past lives, how she looked, trauma times, how she died and about a light that seems to be everywhere. When Dr.Weiss was skeptical, in the trance, she gave some messages which she claimed to be from Dr.Weiss's father and son who have died. This and a lot of other surprising revelations, led Dr.Weiss to believe for himself that reincarnation has been proved scientifically.

Points from the book that have created an impact:

"...Wisdom is achieved very slowly. This is because intellectual knowledge, easily acquired, must be transformed into 'emotional', or subconscious knowledge. Once transformed, the imprint is permanent".

"Happiness is really rooted in simplicity. The tendency to excessiveness in thought and action diminishes happiness. Excesses cloud basic values."

The book ends as follows:

"I hope that you will be helped by what you have read here, that your own fear of death has been diminished, and that the messages offered to you about the true meaning of life will free you to go about living yours to the fullest, seeking harmony and inner peace and reaching out in love to your fellow humans."

Whether you believe in GOD, reincarnations, soul and such concepts or not, this book gives you information that is very valuable. Do take time to read or at least peruse.