Theodore Boone by John Grisham

Since we @ EveningHour have been reading a lot of non-fiction off late, we decided that the next read should be a light-weight novel. The plan is for us to relax and for our readers to as well. Thus the selection - Theodore Boone!

When Vimla, a friend and a member of EveningHour wanted to rent this book for her 12 year old, we were not sure as we thought it's another legal thriller by John Grisham and that we should not recommend a cold-murderer related story to a 12 yr old. But, the minute I completed the book, informed her that this book is not much different than Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys where Kids solve mysteries of missing persons and murders.

The Hero in the story is indeed the kid, Theo, sharp, intelligent, regular 8th grader who exactly knows what he wants to be. His character inspires other children. The story is filled with suspense and is indeed a page turner - though it sure is light-weight compared to other legal thrillers by Grisham.

So in case you are looking for a light-weight thriller for you or the teenagers, go ahead, read it! It is good.