Love Over Coffee - Metro Reads

After a busy week at EveningHour, we decided to try the new set of books published under 'Metro Reads' by Penguin. Picked up 'Love Over Coffee' over others for no particular reason.It turned out to be a good casual read with light humor and romance.

But, first of all, I will describe a bit about 'Metro Reads'.The books published under Metro Reads are written by Indian authors, are all around 200 pages, interesting cover pages and a regular reader can complete them within 3 or 4 hours at the maximum. The themes under 'Metro Reads' seem to be Indian based which is typical of the new age Indian authors. If you are looking for some light-weight stories to fill in a lazy Sunday afternoon, you could give these books a try.

Now, coming to 'Love Over Coffee', it's theme is Romance @ Work. Accordingly, the hero in the book, Anup, loves his colleague, Rajni. Rajni is the typical Indian girl who wants to hide her love even with her best friend, puts a limit on the number of times he can call her, never goes out to lunch with Anup but feels okay to spend  long hours (so it seems to Anup) with the team-mates. There's the usual jealousy factor, the techie person who loves coding while there are others who hardly code but totally depend on this one person to meet their deadlines. There's the selfish boss who gets work done by every body but takes all the credit. The book has all the ingredients at a typical software office.

Verdict: Good casual read.