How to be 'Eco-Friendly'

In an effort to increase environment awareness in the youngsters, we chose "How to be Eco-Friendly" as the topic for Elocution Meet conducted yesterday, May 1st. It's relatively tough topic for the youngsters as this is not a general topic taught in the schools. And the percentage of parents consciously teaching their kids about environment awareness is also minimal. But there was a decent response and the research done by the youngsters is very impressive.

The following are the ways that were told as part of the elocution speaches.

1. Conserve water during brushing. Do not let the water go waste from the minute you put the paste on to the brush till the entire brushing is complete.

2. Use CFB bulbs and tube lights. They consume less energy.

3. Prefer paper bags to plastic bags. Prefer cloth and jute bags to paper bags. By wasting paper, we are forcing trees to be cut down.

4. Plant a tree. We all have learned in schooling - plants and trees release oxygen. If living in individual houses, take little effort to plant trees. It not only helps keep the clean green but it also makes the  room or home cooler, even if it is by just a degree.

5. Print only when absolutely necessary. And when printing, print on both the sides.

Last but not the least, spread the awareness. If we follow it diligently, at least one of our friends will adopt one or the other method and the awareness will further spread.

It is appreciable of the participants that they did thorough research on the topic and presented it nicely. And they all promised to conserve water and electricity to begin with.