Launch of "Brothers at War" by Alex Rutherford

I got an invite on Wednesday for the book launch of "Brother at War" by Alex Rutherford. Even though it was a last minute invite, I changed my plans to go there as I was curious to meet the author, meet the other book lovers and I also wanted to know how others conduct the book launches and author meets. I had no idea what  the book was about or who the author was.

It was a pleasant evening but with the traffic in the city, I drove through the entire city before I reached the venue. Taking a deep breath, I decided to leave the traffic frustrations in the car itself and set my mind to have a great evening.

Here comes the first surprise of the evening: There were two authors on the dais instead of one "Alex Rutherford". I came to know that "Alex Rutherford" is actually one pen name for two authors who are actually a married couple - Diana Preston and  Michael Preston.  Wow! During the Q/A session, one lady has asked why they decided the name and also why only one name and not two. The reason they chose one name is because after several years of writing together, their writing style has sort of become "one". "Alex" was chosen for the simple reason that "Alex" is one name that is used for both the genders. Rutherford is because Michael is from Scottish descent and wanted the last name to represent it and their publisher liked Rutherford over the other options. Interesting way to choose a name, isn't it!

"Brothers at War" is the second book in their series of Moghul Emperors. The first book "Empire of the Moghul : Raiders from the North" was a great success. They plan to have 7 books in this series. Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan,  Babar, Akbar, Aurangazeb and the whole lot of Moghul Emperors will be written about in their series.

All in all, it was a very interesting and impressive meet. We should all take effort to go to such events whenever they are being organized.


  1. typo change "Barbar" to Babar
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