Is it necessary for us to know our roots ?

In our book store we have many books on many subjects. There is one book about Freedoms of India by Subhadra Sen Gupta. I believe that every Indian should know about the history of their country. How many of the present generation know about the freedom struggle and the names of the freedom fighters? Is it necessary to know that? Within 63 years of Independence people have forgotten them. Of course they only know about Nehru family and Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar. But that's just a few.

In our school days, Indian history subject is there and we read and came to know about Sri Krishna Devaraya , Chola Kings , Pallava Kings etc., May be because Sri Krishna Devaraya became very famous, we remember him. Is it necessary to know about them? Why should we know from which family you came , and what are your roots? What were the names of your father , his father and his father etc and similarly on mother side.

I have worked as a General Manager in some private company after retirement from the regular service. I have to interview engineers for recruitment. I used to ask the fresh engineers just out of the college a general question , " How is Rajiv Gandhi related to Mahatma Gandhi " and believe me no one could give the correct answer. Some even ventured to say he is the great grand son of Mahatma Gandhi or somethings like that. Of course the right answer is not relevant to his job. People do remember the names of the freedom fighters whose children are still in politics or some famous names like Nehru family , Mahatma , Ambedkar , Bose etc may be not more than a dozen names.

Similarly why should one know about his religion? As a Hindu, I follow all customs , enjoy festivals , go to temple on festival days and such. But during my recent train journey, it happened that two men of other religion traveled with me and a friendly discussion rose about the religions. I am unable to answer some of the questions. Why did it happen like that?

These are all and some more thoughts crisscross my mind. Just I am putting them on paper.

1) Is it necessary for us to know about the history of our country?
2) Is it necessary to remember people who laid down their lives to get the independence?
3) I find many books written by foreign authors about the Indian history which generally I feel is written to suit their thinking.
4) why should any one know about his roots or his family history?


  1. ya...It is necessary to know about there country and about there religion........


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