Technical Symposiums?

EEE department of JNTU Hyderabad is organizing National Level Technical Symposium called Pragnya 2Kd on March 12th and 13th. EveningHour partly sponsored the event and thus got the chance to go to University and see all the activity first hand. Seeing all the engineers-to-be hustling around for registrations, the inauguration ceremony and the excitement, EveningHour team was caught rambling through memory lanes of our own college days.

This brings us to our question - What is in Technical Symposiums? Is it just about competitions ? Or are there other qualities that the participants and the organizers will learn that helps them through their life ?

Lets talk about the organizing team for Pragnya - Initially, they chalked out a plan for the event, got approvals from their coordinating professors, and then went to talk to potential sponsors. In the process, they reached out to companies and institutions like EveningHour and obviously convinced them to sponsor their event. On the other hand, the team sent out information to other colleges and universities inviting them to the event, taking in the registrations and all the rest that is involved in that. Last but not the least is providing accommodation to all the visitors. As is usually the case, the number of students that turned up is very less than the original registrations. So there was a last minute search for accommodations. The team was found on bikes driving around trying to finish all these last minute tasks. Of course, this is just a high level task list. There is a lot more involved. For the organizer team, this is in all probability the first of such activity. This would have taught them the importance of much needed life-skills of organizing, planning, keeping on schedule, team-work and most of all, the confidence and a life-long memory. Kudos to this team and all those who have successfully organized college symposiums and meets.

As far the participants, they have the experience of competing and interacting with students from other colleges, the exchange of ideas and of course the fun attached with it all. All in all, everybody wins with such meets.

Our best wishes to the entire organizing team and participants.