See Paris for Me

If one is happily married, is there a chance to like and may be love someone else ? If you do fall in love, what is the right thing to do? Do you leave the happy marriage and the family ? Or do you stick by your marriage? And, if you do stick to your marriage, are you unhappy doing it ? Should you rather be happy and move on if life ?

The lead character in the story, 'See Paris for Me', is a house-wife happily married to a high profile government official because of which they are in Paris. With their kid in Hyderabad with the grandparents, she has suddenly found lot of time for herself and started thinking of all the possible things she could have done with her life. At around the same time, she meets 'Kanav'. The rest of the story is about how they interact, what goes between them and if and how they take their relation forward.

The author, Priti Aisola, gave a lot of attention to the characterizations and the details. The efforts put by the author is quite evident in the way she mentions different books along with their author's names, the various museums in Paris, the detailed descriptions of the art pieces and such. One would get a fair glimpse of what one can see and do in Paris.

The book is an interesting read. Though one might perceive the book to be a slow read, given that the plot is dealing with a sensitive topic with a lot of emotions involved, there is no other way the plot can be dealt.

p.s.: Priti Aisola has humbly agreed to come to EveningHour on March 20th 6:30 PM. She is a very nice lady and would be a treat to meet and talk to her directly and get the inside information on the book, writing in general. For details, contact EveningHour team @ 65873003.