Meeting Ms. Priti Aisola

Q) What's new in life ?
A) Ah! Nothing! Just the usual grind - work, family, errands and thats all! Hardly get any time to do anything worthwhile!

Does this sound familiar ? If so, Meet Ms. Priti Aisola. She did her M.Phil in English literature, and has been a part-time middle and high school student's teacher at international schools as she has been travelling all over the world because of her husband Ravi Shankar Aisola's job. At some point, she realized she had to do something more and not just get stuck in the whirlpool of the mundane chores. Well-wishers suggestions from the past about picking up writing came to her mind and she did just that! And guess what! Her book, See Paris for Me, got published by none other than Penguin publishers! For those of you not too familiar with the publishers, Penguin is one of the top publishers in the world and not every book will pass through its editorial desks. Congratulations Priti! It is a job well done! 

There is another point that is definitely worth a mention. Priti, you will have to excuse me on this but if what I am about to mention will inspire at least one person, I will perceive my job as the messenger done. Any guesses on the age of Priti ? She was born in 1960. And her first book, 'See Paris for Me' was published in 2009, late last year. Never is it too late to start what you love!

Even though I have blogged the book's review already, I will jot down one line from the book that will explain the spirit of the book: "Wash away all emotion that clogs and all thought that chokes the free flow of life in me".

Priti,  Appreciate you coming over to EveningHour and the valuable time you spent with all of us. We all truly enjoyed your company and wish to meet you again and again.


  1. I was born in 1960 :) I got married in 1983. Please correct this.


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