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This is the travel guide book that shows you what others only tell you. This book is voted Best Guide Book by Guardian and Observer.

Some comments about the book:
" No other guide whets your appetite quite like this one " said The Independent
" A pleasurable read with ravishing photography plus maps and plans of supreme quality. " said The Observer.

This travel guide book is packed with photographs, illustrations and maps, the flavours of India region by region, huge selection of hotels and restaurants, sights, beaches, markets and festivals listed town by town.

The book not only gives the places and routes but it gives the complete cultural history of each of the area including but not limited to the way of living, and the varieties of dance forms. Prehistoric sites in India date back to at least 250,000 BC, with agricultural settlements appearing around 7000 B.C. By 2500 B.C., a sophisticated urban civilization emerged, stretching across Indus Valley and North West India all the way down to Gujarat. This is called Harappan Civilization which had a thriving trade with Mesapotamia. By 1800 B.C. these cities declined because of natural changes. The book has given in detail about The Vedic Age, The of Mahavira and Buddha, The Mauryan Empire, Central Asian Invaders, Rulers in the South, Northern Kingdoms, Southern Dynasties, The coming of Islam, Independent Kingdoms, New Cultural Influences, the coming of The Mughals, the Europeans, The Rise of the British and the Independent India. In a nut shell, we can know about the history of India from about 250,000 years BC to the present day.

The book has detailed information about
* Where to stay
* Where to Eat
* Shops & Markets
* Entertainment
* Outdoor Activities & Specialist Holidays.

About where to stay, the book says in India A wide choice of accommodation is on offer for the rising number of visitors to India - from modern Western-style deluxe hotels and grand old palaces to budget hotels and tourist bungalows. Star rated luxury hotels,cost more. The moderately priced budget hotels, often managed by the state tourism departments, may lack the glamour of the 5 star hotel but they are clean and excellent value for the money. Cheaper accommodation is available at guest houses, youth hostels and even spartan pioligrim abodes such as dharmashalas and ashrams. The hotel listings in pages 690-717 provide a selection of some of the best hotels throughout India, to suit every taste and budget.

The guide book has given a survival guide, practical information and travel information as well. Under practical information it has given the best time to go to that place, what to take, information related to advance booking, permits, visas and passports, immunization, and insurance. The book also explained about the etiquette followed in India like greeting people, body language, places of worship, tipping and also about beggars. The book dealt in detail about personal security and health, banking, local currency and communications. Tips about traveling by Air, Train, by Road, by Bus, Coach or Ferry and local transport in cities. Ask any information about travel in India, the EyeWitness Travel India Book has it.

This book is an asset to have to browse and know the places even if one cannot visit all the places.



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