Bad Book?

I just painfully completed reading a book which I consider to be the worst I have ever read! This obviously lead me to ask - what construes a bad book?

If we talk about fiction category, typically the reasons are thin plot, too slow a narration, not enough or clear characterizations, and last but not the least an abysmal ending. But this is all about the writing style - obviously there are takers are for a casual plot, there are people who have patience to read through a very slow narration and whether one likes an ending or not depends on the reader's mentality. And here comes the book that I just read - it added a new definition for 'bad book' - grammatical mistakes (and mind you! these are not typos), putting an effort to mix the story with a message but that comes right out at you, irresponsible usage of font, and of course all the usual culprits mentioned above.

We all have heard about how a book gets published - author writes a story, author's acquaintances usually review it, and then it gets reviewed by at least one publisher and after a whole big process, the book gets published. When such a long process is involved in getting a book into the market, how did this book get out into the consumer world ? I can only think of one reason - the book has been reviewed by people with similar mindsets and capabilities.

I hope this stands as a gentle reminder to all the (new) writers - get your book reviewed not just by your peers but please for all consumers benefit, get it reviewed by people who can give you a frank feedback and who have better writing skills and who can actually read the book as a third person.