Exposure on Indian Natural Wonders and Places!

Ever thought of visiting a place but did not know where to go? Or did you think other countries or continents like US and Europe have amazing places but all we have are only religious places ? If one goes to a place like Kodaikanal or Mahabaleshwar, where one can easily sweep into a different world - there is but one obvious question - Why is it that we talk so much about Hills and Mountains in other locations but not so much about those in our own country. Is it that there is not enough information or is it the attitude ?

For a long time, whenever someone thinks of a holiday, it is a visit to one or the other religious shrines. From the 1980s, a considerable chunk of (upper) middle class families have started going to general sightseeing places like Kanyakumari or Puri mixing religion with pleasure and exploring the world. In the last few years, there is a dramatic change that the younger crowd starting looking around for places and natural wonders.

Now lets cover the status of the second question - information. Even though countable number of websites have come recently to fill the gap, it is still in a budding phase. Few sites like TripNaksha.com have come up that lets users create trails as well. Indian authors have embarked on the journey to write about places and rides. The book, "One Life to Ride" by Ajit Harisinghani describes a motorcycle journey to the High Himalayas. Every one that read the book is very much tempted to start a journey themselves. More needs to be done in this part.

But is there something more to be done to go to the next level ?