The 24/7 Marriage - Smart Strategies for Good Beginnings - By Vijay Nagaswami

It seems like Indians have suddenly found writing! Though this is a little exaggeration but it is definitely true that there are many and many Indians who have recently turned authors and are actually good at it too! The books are all based and aimed for Indian families and lifestyles. The 24/7 Marriage is one such self-help book that is for the 21st century Indians.

The author, Vijay Nagaswami, is a psychiatrist who has worked closely on relationships and with couples from all parts of the country for 25 years. Even if you just peruse the book, his experience is pretty apparent in the various examples that he quotes while trying to get his point across.

The book starts with defining the New Indian Marriage and the changing nature of both men and women. The book covers the mentalities and thought processes of the husband, wife, parents-in-law from both the sides. For example, the author talked about a current nature of guys and gals that can put as "me and my family" and "you and your family" should be changed to "We and our families" and provided few thought processes changes that can help achieve this.

Overall, a good read and does have few suggestions that can be considered.


  1. the book was more like statastical report...
    overall...a good read.


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