To be or Not to be a Author

So these days we see the 'guy next door' become an Author and also be a hit at it. May be you also got tempted to write a book or a poem.

Two questions pop up : Who can become an Author ? What does it take to be an Author ?

To answer the first question - anyone can become an Author - if you are able to write a story or even a one-liner, then you are an author. This blogging-era has pretty much made every one an author. But is that enough ?

Well.. No if you want to be known as an Author. Just being able to write something is not enough. One needs to be a 'saleable' author. So the actual question is - What does it take to be a 'saleable' author ?

Good writing skills is the start. Or may be its the vision that is most important. Critical reading skills is as much necessary to understand other's works. The important soft skills include being a self-starter and the motivation to continue on the task started.

That may be just the start.

So next comes the toughest part - to market YOUR book. Many of us think the book would just sell by itself. But the actual job starts after you complete writing the book - starting with publishing the book. And then getting the work known to the people. Unless one takes the effort to publicize about the book, how will any one know about it!

There you go - that's the very high level jist!

So do you have the energy, patience and the perseverance to take it all the way through - from the concept to putting it on a paper to getting the book published and finally to get it across to the readers ?