One good book changed it all !

A picture speaks 1000 words! What about a motion picture? It should be speaking millions and it surely does. What matters is if the feel got carried over!

I am one of those buffs who prefer to watch a movie in 3 hours rather than spending a few days on reading the same content. I always felt that fiction is always for those who have plenty of time and have a reading hobby. Or else why would any one spend days to read a book, especially when one is of the belief that all the good ones get adapted on to the screen.

Before I give my conclusion on this, I should give you a piece of my mind too.

Reading is not something I hated. I am a die hard fan of Sherlock Holmes, have read and by hearted all Charles Dickens novels! R.K.Narayan stories, EM Forster works etc were all consumed by me at an exciting pace. I loved reading but I stuck myself to usually classics or tech books or business books, but never really into fiction.

A few years ago, I chanced up on Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. I reluctantly started reading it because I had nothing else to do except that. I finished the book that night staying awake till very late in the morning. I loved it. All the action, the logic, the mystery and the plot! Robert Langdon really kicked into me. But that was pretty much it until after a few months. I happened to get into a book store for a tech book and came out along with collector’s edition of Da Vinci Code. The next day I was at a book library collecting all the Dan Brown novels and finished all of them. The conspiracy theory in couple of them really got into me that fiction is not junk at all. That kick started the reading habit of fiction for me and now I am addicted. Then followed Michael Crichton, Frederick Foryseth, Jefferey Archer, Sam Bourne, Ayn Rand and I am continuing to add day by day.

I have to confess here that I still cannot take all kinds of fiction. I still have to over come the bad habit and judging on the book with in the first few pages. That does not happen in movies. Even if the movie is mediocre in the first half, a viewer will still end up liking it if the film manages to leave a very good impression by the time the film ended. Of course, not counting those who have a habit of leaving the film within 30 mins if the film is not interesting! I know a few of us do. Read the word “us”. So I am a little impatient. J And that is why I call it a bad habit.

As I said, I browse for latest book, flip through the first few pages and if I decide on reading it, I stick to the end even if the book sucked after that. I guess the saying that first impression is the best impression is still circuited somewhere in my brain.

All said, now that I am stuck to reading, I make it a point to read the books before I watch a film to see how they adapted to the screen. To be honest, some times book fare well and some times the film. But whatever it is, one good book changed it all for me.