I don't serve markets. I create them! -- Akio Morita

There are three types of companies: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen; and those who wonder what's happened -- Anonymous.

Thus starts the book on marketing by Kotler - "Kotler on Marketing" - How to create, win and dominate markets.

An excerpt from the book:

Responsive Marketing vs. Anticipative Marketing vs. Need-shaping Marketing

Responsive Marketing : This is a commendable form of marketing when there exists a clear need and when some company has identified it and prepared an affordable solution.

Anticipative Marketing: It is another feat to recognize an emerging or latent need. Anticipative Marketing is more risky than Responsive Marketing; companies can come into the market too early or too late, or may be totally wrong about thinking that such a market would develop.

Need-shaping Marketing: The boldest level of marketing occurs when a company introduces a product or service that nobody asked for and often could not even conceive of. No one in 1950s asked for a Sony Walkman, a Sony betamax but yet Sony, under its brilliant founder and Chairman, Akio Morita introduced those.

Morita summarized his marketing philosophy in these words:

"I don't serve markets. I create them"!